Tender Hearts

The SCHOOL CRUSH as we say! 

Met at a very young age, sneaking in bus so we do not get caught, we must say we tried, though few times we were seen holding hands. Haha.. That was so scary and stressful, what are we going to tell our families?! Normally, these school time crush don’t really last for many as at some point we all have a life goal to reach and sometimes it does not coincide. We faced these challenges too and long distance relationship was one of them, which could have led to be apart BUT we chose LOVE, we chose US! 

The golden time of first love, that beautiful time of young love is now transforming to vows of marriage. The irony behind is that, the same relatives from whom we were sneaking are present to give us their blessings.

JOIN us to see how the same relatives from whom KESHAV & NEETISHA were sneaking are present today, BLESSING the TENDER HEARTS!

Year: 2023
Filmed and Edited by: Yashveer G.
Featuring: Keshav & Neetisha
Photo: Akhilesh R. Studio